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Ciudad del Jerte

Come see a unique part of Spain that hosted many different civilizations and that has been clearly influenced by many cultures.

Unique landscapes and exquisite gastronomy

The Ciudad del Jerte Hotel provides a spectacular scenery in any season. During the spring time, the valley is all white thank to the bloom of the cherry trees. The scent of these flowers cover the entire region.

In addition, Extremadura is known for its rich food, many of them with designations of origin such as the “Dehesa Jamón de Extremadura”, the wines from Ribera del Guadiana, the paprika from La Vera, the veal and lamb from Extremadura, the cherries and the honey. Culinary Delights that are worth tasting at least once in life.

The hotel is only 5 minutes away from the city of Plasencia, where you will find architectural gems such as the walls from the XII century all around the old town; the Cathedral of Santa María, a mix between the fifteenth century Gothic and Romanesque styles; or the Plasencia aqueduct.